Dr Stephen Law is the author of many popular introductions to philosophy, including The Complete Philosophy Files, and The Philosophy Gym.
Stephen is available to give talks in schools on a wide variety of subjects, including all the philosophical topics on the A Level RS and Philosophy syllabi (from ontological arguments to morality without God). He also can present imaginative and engaging sessions on critical thinking and why we believe what we do. Bespoke sessions can be arranged (e.g. a recent session on philosophy in Lord of the Rings, focusing on Golum).

Fees: £350 for up to half a day; £500 for a full day (plus travel from Oxford).

Contact: email: think (AT) (note 'of' is NOT in the email address).
Stephen researches and publishes in philosophies of religion, language, and mind, and has a forthcoming book with Oxford University Press: The Evil God Challenge.
He has debated many leading Christian evangelicals including William Lane Craig, John …